Mansion of Dimension, founded by Leandro Ketelslegers and Tim De Raeve, embodies a revolutionary approach to nightlife. We offer an unparalleled nightlife experience by embracing cutting-edge technologies. From impressive LED screens to AI-controlled LED bracelets, our focus is on creating a unique atmosphere that elevates nightlife.

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our LED bracelets go beyond being a fashionable accessory; they serve as a powerful tool to forge connections and enhance social interactions. Mansion of Dimension doesn’t just stand for going out; it stands for redefining how people connect in social settings.

As we prepare for our first Mansion of Dimension Event, we continue to work on perfecting this visionary experience. Stay tuned as we will soon open our doors to introduce you to the future of going out. Welcome to Mansion of Dimension, where innovation and connectivity come together for an unparalleled nightlife experience.

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Hasselt, Belgium

Kempishe steenweg 303

Corda Campus